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--- Friday, September 14 = HS FB at Natoma 6:00 -- Thursday, September 20 = Cross Country at Hill City 5:00 and JHVB/FB at Wilson 4:00/6:00 and Parade (1:00) & Bonfire (8:00) -- Friday, September 21 = HS FB at Natoma 6:00 (Homecoming) ---

  • August BOE Meeting Review



    The USD #399 Board of Education met for its regular meeting Monday August 13th at 7:00 PM in the IDL Room.  All members were present for the meeting.  No additions were needed to the agenda and all bills were paid.  I reported on the following during my Superintendent’s Report:


    The monsoon that hit the other day put the new building behind several days so it looks like the teachers will be able to start moving in next Tuesday after Dale gets the floors waxed Monday.  They should be finished tiling today and will work on hanging cabinets and installing the sinks and bathroom fixtures as well.  He said they will work Sunday if they need to so it’s ready to go for the teachers.  They still have to run the sidewalk from the building to the main building, but they can do that while the teachers are moving in.  Heating and A/C are installed. 

    The new dishwasher is hooked up but we have a few glitches in it.  The company we bought it from is standing behind it and has already contacted Hobart in Hays to come check it out and fix it at their expense.  The guys think there is some hard water build up stopping it from working correctly.  Hobart will be here early next week to get it going for us.

    I talked with Bob the Builder and he is agreeable to pay for at least if not all of the cubbies I built.  Those were not part of the original plan so it was an add on, that’s why I built them so it would be less expensive to purchase if we had to.  He was open to helping with them. 

    It doesn’t look like we will have enough for HS volleyball this year unless some of the other girls come out that didn’t sign up.  Taylor Crain is willing to work with the girls three days a week after school to keep them interested in volleyball so when we do have enough girls, they will be ready to go.  She will begin practice with them Monday afternoon and will work with Rhonda for the first week until school starts and then will work with them after school and if nothing else get them in shape in case we have enough for basketball. 

    Our enrollment is pretty flat again this year.  We enrolled some new students but we also had several leave.  We’ll just keep on keepin on.

    We had a leak in the roof at the high school where the old building meets the commons area.  Kevin went up and checked it out and we did have some tree debris blocking the downspouts which he cleaned out but he will also calk along the seam to see if we can get it stopped.  It is in the same spots as where it has leaked in the past and it probably had something to do with the nearly two inches of rain we had that morning.  We’ll keep an eye on it.

    It looks like the people wanting to buy the land to start a ranch for at-risk boys have hit a road block with their funding.  I did talk with the director about what is expected from the school for these boys and she informed me they will be looking at around 10 boys to start out with and would hope to send the boys to school here to help with their social skills as well as with their academics.  None of the boys have been in trouble but just need a solid place to live.  She told me they already have several other funding options they are looking at so she wasn’t too concerned with getting it going.

    Our annual Faculty/Staff/ and BOE potluck supper will be next Thursday, August 16th from 5-6 in the commons area.  The BOE will furnish the hamburgers and brats and the teachers and staff will bring other dishes.  This is for families as well so I hope you all can come and listen to Rick’s speech to the teachers and staff on behalf of the BOE!!

    The local insurance company that wanted to submit a bid for our property insurance has backed out so we will get the bid from the current company we had last year around the 23rd of this month as it comes due September 1st.  Since we won’t have a chance to get other bids, we will have to go with whatever they throw at us.  They’ve been more than fair in the past so I’m not too worried about it.

    Mr. Ostmeyer reported on the activities going on in the district.  Fall sports have begun and unfortunately we did not have enough girls to field a volleyball team this year so he contacted the schools we had on our schedule to tell them we would not be playing.  Wilson has once again shown interest in bringing several girls over to play basketball this year but they were still trying to work out the details.  With our limited number of girls signed up to play basketball, this would help insure we would be able to field a girls’ basketball team this year.

    Mrs. Mettlen reported on the new reading series we have adopted for grades Pre-K-2 and the training the teachers went through this summer to become more familiar with the new series.

    Under new business, the heating and cooling system in the Vo-Ag room is on its last legs and so we need to look at replacing it sometime soon.  The cooling unit is still working but is over 13 years old and the heating unit isn’t working at all so we will need to get bids to replace either the furnace or both.  We had received a bid from one company but I asked the BOE to get more bids to insure we were getting the best deal out there.  The issue was tabled until a later meeting date.

    The BOE then entered into executive session to discuss changes in our Crisis Plan.  Discussion of the crisis plan is one of the few policies that can be discussed in executive session.  This is to protect the information of what students and staff are expected to do during different crisis situations from getting to the general public and thus to anyone who might be considering creating a reason to initiate the crisis plan.  The laws have changed this year for the number and type of drills schools are required to have.  The law now calls for:  four fire drills, three tornado drills, and nine crisis drills.  The plan for practicing the different crisis drills were given to the BOE. 

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    Cross Country makes a run for it

    Results from Stockton: Jayce Dickerson 23:26,  Jayson Engling 23:28,  Logan Pruter  22:53  (2nd in JV),  Nicholas Racette  25:39 (8th in JV), Carley Chrisler 25:45 (11th),  Ashton Lund  24:55  (9th)

    Results from Smith Center: Jayce Dickerson 23:17 (20th out of 32 runners),  Jayson Engling  22:35 (16th out of 32 runner), Logan Pruter 22:33 (15th out of 32 runners),  Nicholas Racette 25:59 (30th out of 32 runners)      Carley Chrisler 26:52 (9th out of 21 runners),  Ashton Lund  23:53  (2nd out of 21 runner)

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    Students show support

    An assembly for all of the NES students (grades preschool-6th grade) was held recently to inform them of the many individuals and organizations that donated school supplies and monetary donations to the elementary school.

    We really appreciate the generosity of so many community members!  This assembly was a great way to discuss thankfulness and appreciation for everything that was donated to the school.

    All of the students will sign thank-you notes to be sent to the individuals and organizations.

    The Natoma school district staff and students express their sincere gratitude to everyone that bought such wonderful supplies!  We appreciate everyone's support!


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  • September Board of Education Meeting Overview


    The USD 399 BOE met for their regular meeting Monday, September 10th.  All items on the consent agenda were approved without any corrections.

    In my report, I informed the BOE the light problem we were having in the new building has been fixed.  The hot water heater was making the lights flicker anytime it kicked on.  The contractor contacted the maker of the heater and they sent a different computer board to put in and that took care of the problem.

    Homecoming will be held Friday, September 21st.  The parade will be at 1:00 PM on Thursday afternoon with the game being held on Friday at 6:00.  Crowning will take place at half-time of the game in order to allow parents and patrons time to get to the ceremony after work.  I suggested the BOE that we not allow floats and parade entries throw candy to our students.  I have two concerns with this, the first being the safety of the students.  The people driving the floats are concentrating on the parade and don’t see the students running after candy and I worry about someone getting injured.  The second was due to the parade being so early in the afternoon, our students would have the candy all afternoon and that goes against our wellness policy.  The BOE agreed with my concerns.

    I have made a suggestion to our league to start holding their meetings on ZOOM, which is an interactive teleconferencing site that is free to use.  This would save all of our Ad’s having to miss an entire day to attend the meetings as well as gas to get there.

    I also reported to the BOE that we have had a few problems with students and parents going through the extended stop sign on our buses while they were unloading in front of the high school.  I spoke to the HS students about this and informed them the drivers have been instructed to turn anyone in that goes through their stop signs.  The fine for not stopping from either direction is an automatic $100.

    Athletic Director Report:

    Wilson is still interested in co-oping with Natoma for Girls’ basketball.  Wilson would be bringing two or three girls over to practice and compete with our high school girls.  No definite decision was made by Wilson yet so when they decide, we will make the decision at that time.

    Wilson does not have a junior high football team this year so Central Plains has agreed to bring their C-team over the night we play Wilson in football and play our junior high.  Game times will remain the same – 4:00 for VB and 6:00 for FB.

    We are still in need of a junior high head boys basketball coach as well as an assistant for the junior high boys basketball team.

    Mrs. Mettlen reported on what was happening at the elementary school.  Several people took the time to put motivational sayings on the bathroom stalls in the elementary school.  Local churches and organizations have collected funds to be able to purchase a book for every student this year, once a month for grades 2-6.  She will be starting Bookworms for 3 sessions in September and three in the spring for 3-month-3-year old children.  Fastbridge testing begun this week in grades K-11.  The State Department has a new requirement for Kindergarten to do a Kindergarten Snapshot with parents doing the screening on their children.  Parents have been notified and they can either do the screening at the school or at home.  She reported the 4-Day week seems to be going well and kids don’t appear to negatively impacted.

    There was no Old Business on the agenda.

    Under New Business:

    The sawmill agreement was reviewed in executive session with Mr. Brockelman.

    Property Insurance was renewed with around a $2.300.00 increase over last year’s coverage.

    KASB will be hosting regional meetings in Beloit October 18th and BOE members were asked if they wanted to attend.

    Staff Meal Reimbursements were increased from $6 per meal to $8 per meal.

    The BOE will have a retreat September 19th.

    Under personnel, Corinne Masters was approved as the Concessions sponsor for both schools for the upcoming year. 

    The meeting was adjourned at 9:49 PM


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    FFA Farm Olympics

    On Labor Day the Natoma FFA  held a Farm Olympics competition for all ages. The events were tricycle obstacle course, post driving, tire changing, roping a steer head, wrapping up a strap, carrying water buckets, pushing a four wheeler for the little kids and pushing a pickup for the older kids and adults. Several teams entered and all had fun testing their skills.

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